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In a nutshell (details throughout site), Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame band, Only Humen is a classic rock trio and WNY’s #1 party band. Playing all types of functions and catering to audiences of all ages is Only Humen’s strong point. If you are interested in booking Only Humen for an event, 716.683.1671. Not necessary may be a good idea to see them in an atmosphere similar to the type of function you may have. You don't have to rely on earth shattering volumes or crazy light shows to appreciate them. It's a pro show all the way and they will keep you dancing! Here is some background:

 Only” Frank Pusateri - Bass/Vocals.
EMMY AWARD WINNER 2012, BMHOF 1991 and Nominated Top Bassist 2005 in Peoples Choice Awards-Co-founder, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, bass & guitar& piano & drum & vocal teacher, engineer, producer, studio owner, bookings, blah, blah, blah. Only Frank has been a member of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame since 1991 when he won top pop bassist honors for a solid three years in a row and is a recipient of over 25 BMA awards. The band was inducted in 1995. His former bands include Jambo, Sky, and Lions before forming Only Humen in late 1986 with co-founder Ray Wood. His musical influences vary widely, citing The Beatles, Todd Rundgren, and Mozart as the most influential.

In 2012 "Only Frank" was involved with and commissioned to write eight instrumental compositions for an upcoming PBS Documentary "UNIFORM BETRAYAL: RAPE IN THE MILITARY". The music to be used as background for persons in the video telling what happened to them, their experiences then and now and how they've lived with the trauma. It won the EMMY and put another feather in his infamous cap, a rather large feather. Music CD soon to be available on this site.

A number of musicians are serving in the band currently. Guitarists include-Ken "Fat Brat" Wilczak/Alumni, Mr. Chris/10 Delaware Band, Chris "Koz" /Alumni, Mick Hayes/Alumni, & others.
Drummers include Rick McEvoy/Alumni, Jim Foti/Jamestown, Marty Raymondo/Various Bands, Al Hury/Hit & Run & others. All are seasoned music veterans and bring their special talent & style to the Only Humen mix.

                                                 BELOW IS THE CURRENT LINE-UP



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Inducted in 1995, Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Band, Only Humen has been rocking WNY, PA & Ohio since late 1986. Hailing from Buffalo, NY, the greatest city on earth, they are arguably one of the tightest, polished outfits in the area and please crowds of all age groups and backgrounds. Clubs, concerts, private parties and equally comfortable with weddings, corporate, casinos, theme parks, church, fireman & police functions – you name it- Only Humen has done it all.

They have also been the chosen opening act for such notables as The Little River Band, Molly Hatchett, Marshall Tucker Band, Travis Tritt, The Kentucky Headhunters, The Sawyer Brown Band, Blake Shelton, Gary Richrath/REO Speedwagon, Rare Earth, Foghat, BTO, The Mamas and the Papas, The Byrds, The Drifters, The Platters, The Coasters, Del Shannon, The Association, The Marvelettes and Herman’s Hermits to name a few. The list goes on and on. Their ability to form fit to a crowd and work the room is uncanny, often creating the illusion of six or more people on stage to produce the full sound which has become their trademark ‘humenized’ sound and winning the band over 25 BMA competitions!

Playing hits by The Beatles, Stones, Elvis, CCR, Bob Seger, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tom Petty, Van MorrisonLynyrd SkynyrdJohn Mellencamp and lots in between, Wild Cherry, The Commodores,  Neil Diamond, Prince, to more latter groups like The Tragically Hip, James, 3 Doors Down, The Cure, Kid Rock, Matchbox 20, Daft Punk, U2, Jimmy Eat World, Sublime,- keeps them in the forefront of the WNY area music scene. Coming from the city that spawned the likes of  other Buffalo Music Hall of Fame artists- The GooGoo Dolls, Billy Sheehan(Mr. Big, Talas, Winery Dogs), Spyro Gyra, Ani DiFranco, 10,000 Maniacs, Rick James, Robert Moog, Art Kubera, Harold Arlen (yes, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” Dorothy) and a parade of others, that is quite the accomplishment.

The trio’s stage show has a blend of polished vocals and harmonies, unparalleled tight musicianship, humor and high energy that keeps the audience’s satisfied at any event.

Only Humen boasts the implementation of the all new innovative, technically advanced BOSE L1 PA System which has a remarkable sound and an easy, portable “all in one” time saving setup and tear down. A lighting show by Chauvet with a seemingly endless variation of scene programming and colors decorates the stage with brilliant colors.

While still mainly a “cover” band, Only Humen has recorded three original CD’s over their 25+ years in existence. (Four if you count the unreleased “Bluebird” album recorded at The Power Station in New York City-1995.) “Only Humen So ‘R’ U”-1989, “Six of One-A Half Dozen of the Other”-1997, and “Slightly Twisted Fiction”-2001, all for the indie label, Lionsheart Records America.
 Watch for an "Only Frank" Anthology CD coming soon.

For bookings, availabilities and other information, contact Only Frank Enterprises 716.683.1671 by phone or e-mail

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